Wishing well

Living in Scotland, I never once expected to run out of water… Let’s face it – we’re not exactly renowned for our good weather! But, with the unprecedented heat-wave that we’ve been experiencing these past few months, those in the North East and South West of the country who are connected to private water supplies are now facing a water shortage.

Up until now, living off-mains and receiving our water supply from a well hasn’t been an issue. The water is fresh and filtered for impurities. There has been a constant supply and I’ve never had to monitor my water usage. In short, I’ve taken it for granted.

Suddenly, with having to watch the amount of water I use, I’ve come to the realisation that while I may not have been completely wasteful with this wonderful resource, I definitely should have appreciated it more. It’s a case of “you don’t know what you got, ‘till it’s gone”. In the meantime, I’ve taken various measures to reduce my water usage. Some of the ‘rules’ include; only fill the kitchen basin once a day to wash dishes, take shorter showers, use the ½ flush on the toilet and the washing machine can only be used twice a week. I’ve also bought in some 2 litre bottles of drinking water as back up. I hate having to buy water in plastic bottles – we’re so used to using refillable water bottles and coffee cups nowadays. However, I like the comfort of knowing that I can always provide us, and most importantly the dog, with drinking water if the well should run dry.

It has made me question the burden that sourcing water must present on others in hotter, dryer countries. It is no wonder that so many woman across the world spend their days walking miles, trying to obtain safe drinking water for their families. It really is an essential commodity. Think of all the time that could be saved by these women if safe drinking water was readily accessible to all. Think of all the time that could be better spent in education, in work, or on leisure. Reliable water supplies really are a game changer when it comes to equality. For this reason, I’ve chosen to make a small donation to WaterAid, with the hope that every little contribution helps!

For the moment, back here in North East Scotland, every small rain shower will be celebrated rather than greeted with the usual disdain. Most of us have never experienced a Scottish water shortage in our lifetime. It is so unusual, that earlier in the week the Scottish government announced that they will support local communities with the financial burden of supplying emergency water to homes. Though, with a bit of luck, it won’t come to that!

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