As I watched our doggo bound about on his walk this afternoon; loving life, always happy, I realised that there’s many lessons which we can learn from our four legged friends.

Here’s my top 10 list of life lessons learnt from dogs:

  1. Make time to show the ones you love that you care. It doesn’t always need to be as slobbery as a dog’s kiss though. Everyone likes to feel wanted.
  2. Try, try and try again. Determination (particularly when there’s food involved) is a key characteristic found in almost every dog. If we could muster half this determination as humans, we’d succeed far more often.
  3. The same goes for enthusiasm… tackling every task with eagerness and passion brings joy to every day.
  4. Loyalty is rewarded. Whether that’s in friendship or just points on a supermarket store card. Sticking to your commitments avoids letting people down.
  5. Explore the world. This might be the next field over, or the Australian outback. Travelling and exploring broadens your horizons.
  6. Choose your battles carefully. Confront that bigger dog/angry boss/hungry boyfriend at your peril. Sometimes it’s good to know when to leave people be.
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of praise. Sometimes a quick “thank you, you’ve done a great job” can really help cheer someone up. It’s nice to be nice.
  8. Exercise regularly – healthy body, healthy mind.
  9. Play more. Humans tend to forget the power of play as they grow older. It develops creativity and innovative thoughts, so really more value should be placed on it.
  10. Also, make time to relax and nap. It’s a dog’s life after all.

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